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Holiday Headache

I love the Holiday Season and having a little family of my own to share it with makes this time of year even better. It has been a long time since I have felt the magic of Christmas, but this year it is back and I don’t know if it’s just because I get to step into the mom roll to help create that magic for my baby girl or if it is because I just feel better in general. Even though I find this time of the year beautiful and so special I also am easily stressed out and feel guilty for being so stressed.

We all put so much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect outfit, the best looking dish at Thanksgiving, the most beautiful Christmas lights, or the funniest costume and I am 100% guilty of it. I want everything to be perfect and when something isn’t exactly how I want it then I feel like I have failed. As a wife, as a mom, as a holiday lover… and it is not fair to do that to myself. It is okay to feel disappointed that things don’t always turn out exactly how you wanted them to, but I’ve also been trying not to get so down on myself for those things I cannot contro.

We are lucky to have some amazing friends that have taken us in this year and have made us feel like part of their family so all of the major holidays have been spent with them. We were blessed enough to have 3 Thanksgiving dinners this year. 1 with our friends from Ohio, one with my Aunt and her family, and one with our friends from Utah. That meant a lot of prepping, cooking, and driving. The night before our first 2 dinners we managed to burn both of our pecan pies. Then after a trip to the store to get ingredients for a no bake pumpkin cheesecake I managed to burn the rolls too and we had to make another trip to the store.

Through all of that stress and disappointment I began to get down on myself and when I realized that being upset wouldn’t help solve anything I instead tried to focus on the good things and tried to count them so I could remember how blessed I am. Daniel Tiger is a favorite in our house and both my husband and I have all of the songs memorized. So when I got upset I immediately thought of Daniel’s song that says “When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four” So I did just that…

1- I managed to make 2 pumpkin cheesecakes that looked and tasked amazing

2- The store was luckily open late enough that we could still go get replacement items

3- We got the last bag of frozen rolls in the whole store

4- I learned that you shouldn’t over fill a pie even though you like the pie filling more than you like the crust

By that point I was laughing and felt so much better. My husband even joined in and said “1 you have a super hot husband, 2 you get to hear my super funny jokes, 3 you have a super hot husband” I managed to toss out a sarcastic laugh, but even that lifted my spirits.

I know that all of this might seem like the ramblings of an exhausted crazy lady typing a random story at 11pm the night before she has to get up at 3am to fly to Ohio, and all of the is true… but my point is that as we get even closer to the end of this year and even more holidays stress try to be kind to yourself. Not everything has to be perfect and things can and will go wrong. Just know that you are amazing no matter what and you can always pick yourself back up and keep going. Plus maybe you’ll have a funny story to tell in the future!

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