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My Top Summer Purchases

Adelaide Brockway

After the year we all just had I decided it was time to treat myself and my family to some fun stuff. These are some of my top purchases over the past few month-

Dodo Baby Pacifier Clip are a must have! We have gone through so many pacifiers because we didn't have something to safely secure the binky to our baby's shirt or car seat. These pacifier clips are strong and won't slip off, but they are also so cute! The 4 pack even came with a convenient carrying case to keep all of the clips together when they aren't being used or to keep the pacifiers clean. They come in a variety of different colors and designs so you can choose what works best for you. My favorite feature is that they are water resistant! My little princess spits up a ton and everything that we own needs to be easily washable. The Dodo Baby Pacifier Clips are perfect for that. We can just rinse them off or toss them into the washer with no problems. Four pacifier clips with a bonus carrying case for only $8.25 make this a great purchase!

MAM Comfort Pacifiers are an easy second on my list and pair very well with the Dodo Baby Pacifier Clips. These pacifiers are made of 100% silicone and are 35% lighter than most other one-piece silicone pacifiers. We have a drawer full of random binkies that have hardly been touched because Lillian hated them. They were either too big, too hard, or too heavy. Once we found the MAM Comfort Pacifiers our lives changed! They were developed with doctors to be more natural and comfortable for babies. These pacifiers come in a pack of 2 in different colors and sizes for your growing baby. Another great feature of this pack of binkies is that it comes with a sterilizing case that is so easy to use. All you have to do is put your pacifiers and some water in the case then place it in the microwave for a little bit and voilà, you have a sterilized binky. You get all of this for a great price of $5.99.

My beautiful baby, Lillian, showing off the MAM Comfort Pacifier

The Kate Temple Bag is absolutely stunning! In my religion we go to the temple frequently and have special and sacred clothes that we bring with us. Before purchasing this bag I would gather my clothes up into whatever bag I could find. However, now that I have this bag I am able to keep everything tucked away nicely within the well made walls of the Kate Temple Bag. It has convenient pockets on the inside for everything you might need on the go. This bag is beautiful and come in pink, gray, cream, and aqua. For $49.99 I was a little skeptical at first, but after using it for a little while I am sold. I now have a stunning and sturdy bag that I can feel confident going out with.

The Kate Temple Bag

The G4Free 40L 3-Way Duffle Backpack was a perfect gift for my husband. He loves to workout at the gym before going into work at the bank. That means that he has to have a big enough bag to hold all of his work clothes and his workout clothes as well as a water bottle, 3-in-1 body wash/shampoo/conditioner, and everything he needs with him at work. Oh and did I mention that he likes to ride his bike to the gym and work? That means he needs a bag that won't fall off his shoulder every 5 seconds and get stuck in the wheels. The G4Free 40L 3-Way Duffle Backpack was the solution to all of his problems. It has what seems like a million pockets to keep everything organized and it can either by worn over the shoulder like a traditional duffle bag or it can be worn as a backpack. The $30.99 we spent on this was more than worth it!

This Nursing Dress from Nursing Queen is one of my absolute favorite purchases this year! It is comfortable, cute, affordable, and even has pockets (which we all know is a must.) I am able to wear it out to anything and I have. It is perfect for going out to dinner, church, a party, or even just running to the store. The obviously really nice thing about this beautiful dress is that you are easily able to nurse your baby while wearing it. I am all about doing what makes you happy and what makes me happy is nursing, but I hate typical ugly baggy nursing clothes. This made me feel amazing and allowed me the freedom to nurse whenever and wherever I wanted. My baby really liked it too! I got it for a discounted price of $47.99 which made it even better. I 10/10 recommend!

Nursing Queen Dress and Model

The Nisleep Nursing Pillow was a must have for me when my baby was first born. So it was a no-brainer that when my brother-in-law was having his first baby we had to get them one. Whoever invented nursing pillows deserves a Nobel Peace Prize! I absolutely loved my pillow and used it constantly. It supports the baby at a perfect height so they are able to comfortably nurse without your arms feeling like they are going to fall off. I only wish they had a more convenient travel one so that I don't have to lug around a bulky pillow with me when I want to go out with my baby. The Nisleep Nursing Pillow pack comes with 2 nursing covers and 1 pillow insert. It is only $28.99 on Amazon and is the perfect item to gift to an expecting mom or get for yourself. My husband even likes to use it as an oversized neck pillow.

The VTech Click And Count Remote was actually a gift from my mom, but it was so perfect that it made it onto this list. As our baby is learning to crawl more and more she is starting to get into everything. One of her favorite things to go after is the tv remote. However, I would rather not have her sticking that into her mouth, hence the baby tv remote. This wonderful little invention sings, lights up, counts, and even saves my sanity! Lillian is learning cause and effect by pressing the buttons and listening to the sounds it makes. For the great price of $9.96 we have decided to get a few more to keep around the house whenever we need them.

The VTech Click And Count Remote

The Narwhal Magnetic Dart Board made me skeptical at first. I have always been bad at darts and I didn't want to scratch up our walls, but my husband really wanted one. So we compromised and found a magnetic dart board for $9.96. After hanging it up and practicing a few times on his own, my husband invited me to play against him. Lets just say I dominated! It was so fun and easy to use, plus our walls didn't get destroyed. I love anything that can make me look good at sports, even darts. If you want a kid friendly way to throw darts at your wall without getting a single scratch, this is for you!

Narwhal Magnetic Dart Board

Gerber Puffs Cereal Snacks are a big hit for our family. Our baby recently hit the age where she can start learning how to eat finger foods. We wanted to start off with something that would easily dissolve in her mouth and these were exactly what we needed. The are the perfect size for her to practice picking things up especially because they stick to her fingers. They are pretty tasty too! I have caught my husband sneaking some out of the cabinet a few times. We were able to get each pack for $1.96. So far our favorite flavors are blueberry, sweat potato, and peach.

The Bissell SpotBot is last, but certainly not least. We have our fair share of big messes due to having a baby and a puppy. The SpotBot has saved our lives and our carpets. It is ridiculously easy to use and has been able to get everything cleaned up. It is as easy as filling the machine with cleaner and water, setting it on the mess, and pressing start. That's is! It has a nice attached hose so you can manually clean the carpet, but I refer the self cleaning mode. With having so much going on, it is nice to be able to get your carpet cleaned quickly and easily while also being hands free. If cost us a hefty price of $179.99, but now I don't know how I lived without it.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Summer Purchases for 2021! If you currently own any of these items or if you decide to get one in the future please let me know what you think of it! I hope you have a Simply Happier Day!

-Adelaide Brockway-

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