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It's Game Day, Baby!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

My husband and I have always been big football fans, him especially. Jacob played all through high school and every Friday-Monday was dedicated to watching/playing football. I however, played the clarinet in our high school marching band and loved cheering on the Trojans every Friday night. So it is no wonder why we were very excited to add a 3rd football fan into the mix!

We are lucky to have the happiest, sweetest, and most chill baby in the world. She already loves to dress up and take photos and she is only 8.5 months old. I cannot believe how good she it at posing for photos. I just have to hold the camera up and continuously snap pictures and she does all of the rest.

The first Ohio State Football game was this past Thursday. My husband is really looking forward to making Lillian the #1 Buckeye fan and I am all for it! Of course she is no where near understanding football, but I love watching the pure joy on her face when her dad is jumping up and down because they scored another TOUCHDOWN!

How could you not love football season when you have the cutest little Buckeye cheerleader in the world. We were down in the first half and my husband was a little worried for a moment because OSU has a new quarterback that is a freshman. It was his first game and after a great rush and touchdown he threw his very first official pass and it ended up being intercepted. Luckily in the second half the Buckeyes came back really strong and won the game 45-31. Even when we were worried about losing her smile makes it all worth it. I happy that we were able to celebrate the first of many wins this season as a family.

Check out this adorable Ohio State binky. Lillian loved playing with is so much that when she would accidentally drop it on the she would begin crying until I cleaned it off and gave it back to her.

Over all it was a great game and we had so much fun watching it as a family! I absolutely recommend getting your sweet baby an Ohio State outfit because there is nothing cuter, in my opinion. I am looking forward to many more memories with my favorite people while watching football and enjoying each other's company.

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