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Halloween Hooligans

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love everything spooky, sweet, and dress up related so it was basically made just for me. My love for Halloween definitely took a big leap this year with it being our daughter’s first Halloween. I know that she won’t remember it with her only being 10 months old, but I will. I wanted to do all of the classic traditions that I did growing up, with my little family. Of course that means hayrides, pumpkin patches, dressing up, trick or treat, parties, consuming absurd amounts of candy and apple cider, and so on.

That came to be much easier said than done with having an infant, but also a husband that doesn’t share my passion for the spooky season. Jacob has definitely been a trooper, but it is hard to get him excited about putting on a costume and walking around for hours in the cold on the night of trick or treat. I decided to go with a family costume centered around finding something that he would feel comfortable in and would work for the three of us.

Option 1. was going as super heroes. It would be easy to get Jacob to agree to that. He would just have to wear his normal outfit of jeans and a button up shirt, but with a Superman shirt under it. He also owned a pair of black framed blue-light glasses for work that he could toss on to complete the look.

Option 2. would have been the Wizard of Oz. Again Jacob could wear pretty much the exact same thing that he wears each day. A plaid button up shirt and jeans. Then we would just add on a straw hat and some straw sticking out of his sleeves and all of a sudden he is transformed into the Scarecrow. Lillian would be such an adorable Cowardly Lion or Dorothy and I would go as Glinda The Good.

Option 3. (and the one we went with) was a football player, a cheerleader, and a referee. This one was by far my favorite option with us already having 2/3 of the group costume. We have an Ohio State football jersey and cheerleader uniform. So the final piece to the puzzle was to get a referee uniform which we easily found at Spirit Halloween.

We had so much fun going to parities, trick or treating, and getting dressed up. Lillian is obviously still too little to go trick or treating, but we had so much fun walking around with our friends that have two adorable kids. I was entirely in my element! It filled my heart to be with those that I love the most on one of the days that I love the most! We still have a few more fall traditions to check off our bucket lis, but so far my expectations have been exceeded. I cannot wait to spend more time with my adorable family creating memories and traditions of our own!

Do you have any Halloween traditions that you love? Let me know in the comments!

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